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August 2015

The WHOLE Experience, from beginning to end. She is absolutely the BEST. We had never dealt with anyone like Connie. She is the greatest. This is our 3rd home we purchased and had built, which we sold the first 2 homes. When we found the property we wanted to build our newest home on, she was the Real Estate person for the builder. Out of all 3 homes, we never had such a more detailed, informative wonderful Real Estate person like Connie. She sold our second home in amazingly 10 weeks. We were totally shocked it sold, especially with the poor economy and the slow turn around time for other homes to sell in our housing development.

When we explained to her that we had to get our home prepared to sell, staging, etc. first, she did not rush us at all. When we were ready, she came to our home and appraised it, took pictures (with our permission). When she came back to list it, she brought a complete book with all the comps in our and other surrounding neighborhoods, showing homes that had previously sold, amounts they sold for, etc. She had everything in writing, how much our home appraised for, a detailed list of all approximate costs we would have to pay out and approximately what we would make from our home when we went to settlement. The book was in full detail, even down to her education. After we sold our home, she found us a house to rent for 6 mos. When we decided to build our 3rd home, she was again very detailed in telling us everything regarding the builder, land, our new home, neighboring areas. When they started to build our new home, she constantly went to the house and checked it out, telling the builder if something wasn’t exactly correct. She is very particular and distinct. Kept us informed of everything. Settlement on our new home and previous one went so smooth. She was right there with us during every step. She is so honest with us too. Always tells us the true facts in every regard.

We have gained a brand new beautifully built home. AND a friendship with her to last a life time. She keeps in touch with us even since we moved. We feel like we are part of her family. When we contact her regarding any thing, she is always available and contacts you back immediately, no matter how busy she is. I just contacted her regarding boardering our landscape, while she was on vacation (overseas). She answered me back immediately thru her phone email and told me who to contact. She is so dedicated, detailed and specific in everything she does. She will go completely out of her way to assist you. The whole time we were selling our previous home and when we were building the new one, she was always sending us emails explaining how to prepare your home to sell, moving, how to pack, what you should tell your children, finances and what to expect, what settlement would be like. Then when they were building our new home, she sent emails regarding moving, what it would cost, from the water bill, electric and other expenses we would incur with our new home. Just everything you could imagine. We gained an absolutely wonderful experience this time around. When we sold our home, she had us counter the offer. I about died. I laughed at her and said “really with this economy, I just want to sell it”. But we won. It was wonderful. She definitely has the best education in Real Estate too. There is never a question we asked her that she can’t answer. She has always been there for us too, even after settlement and we moved in. She has come to our new home twice within the first 4 months to make sure everything is fine and we are enjoying it. She has a personality plus. So sweet and pleasing to talk to. Since we moved in, thru her, we have had 3 family get togethers to meet all our neighbors, 2 parties and a picnic. She is currently planning a Christmas get together. She wants our new neighborhood to know each other. Again, we gained a new friend and family member.

I have already recommended Connie Fitzgerald to everyone I talk to regarding buying or selling a home, even if they are not ready!!! She is the BEST in everything. We were truly amazed regarding every step we took during our process. She is so thorough and detailed. She doesn’t put the for sale sign up in your yard, take you to settlement and then completely forget you. Like I said, we feel she is part of our family now. When and if the time comes to sell this home, we and/or our children will definitely contact Connie. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was such a pleasure dealing with her from start to finish. I could go on and on about how wonderful our experience was and how great she is. When you contact her, you will understand and know what I’m talking about…..

Customer Rating: Excellent Customer Service. Extremely Helpful & Informative.

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