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August 2015

This was an estate sale. Property in Hollywood Md. and I’m in Florida. I thought this would be an issue since I did not wish to go to southern Md. due to the time and expense and distance from any major airport. Connie assured me as any great salesperson would that there would be no issues with the process even if I never came to Md. True to her word it really was almost a flawless process, as with any lenghty legal issue such as an estate sale issues will come up with the transfer of property. Each time an issue arose I recieved almost a walk through with someone from the office to clear the hurdle and to continue on to the next step. Even the fact that Connie took a vacation during the process did not hinder any forward movement in the sale of the property for she has an able assistant who handled her absence with perfection and never left me wondering what was going on, Ellen you were great. Never once met any of these people but due to the professionalism and drive to get the sale they closed on the property in short order and within the price range i was looking for. Thanks to everyone who helped me in this process that I thought would be a nightmare and made it a fairly easy task.

What I like about Connie is that she does not work alone. Real estate people can be hard to get a hold of due to their busy schedules and varying working locations. What I liked most about Connie is that she works in a team concept. There seems to be a team set up to help and assist her when she is not reachable and I needed assistance. There is nothing worse than trying to get ahold of your agent on an important issue and the office tells you that the agent is showing a property and thier not sure exactly when they will return but they will be glad to take a message. I did not run into this issue when dealing with this office.

I enjoyed my experience with Connie and Ellen and if I should ever have need for a referral for real estate she would be my first choice.

Customer Rating: Excellent Customer Service. Extremely Helpful & Informative.

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